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Business Suit Coffee Cups

Unique designs with the bomb disposal community in mind.


Bomb disposal tools and techniques date back to WW-II, when Pin-Up art was used to boost the morale of troops serving overseas. Our collection of bomb tech specific Pin-Ups will boost your morale as well.


EOD Wisdom and Humor

Remember that favorite old bomb disposal T-shirt you had with the classic saying on it? What ever happened to those classic old Ts? Well they're back now, as well as some humorous designs. Can't find what you're looking for, or have something you think should be in our collection? Just drop us a line and we'll see if we can get it added.

EOD Wisdom

Homemade Explosives

You've see the T-shirts with the chemical symbols for caffeine and chocolate? So why aren't there designs for chemicals that we find interesting? Now there are. We have created a collection of Homemade Explosive (HME) symbols that are sure to have people taking a second look, and probably a third and fourth. Have a favorite that isn't here...just let us know and we'll get it designed.


Demo Charges and Principles

Range day will never be the same! We've created a collection of designs to help you teach the new kids on the block about the charges that they didn't learn in the schoolhouse, and demo principles they should never forget. They might even help refresh your memory from time to time.


Patents, Posters, and Illustrations

Of course there is more to the world than bomb disposal, so this is a collection of non-bomb disposal designs that will probably still be of interest to the bomb technician, or their friends and family (but mostly the bomb tech). Designs here are from old patents, posters, and artwork from days gone by, but have appeal for the modern wearer.

Patents, Posters, and Illustrations

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